Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lots and lots of short reviews

Hi! Okay, so you might know that I'm sick and spending time at home, so I figured I could write and post a few reviews while I'm here. So,

UNVEILED by Trisha Wolfe
Check it out on Goodreads here
My review:
Short, but fun and intense read. Actually surprised me how much of greatness fit into 30-ish pages! Loved the characters, the story and the kissing parts ;)
Now I'm eagerly awaiting the full novel with characters from Unveiled.
Thanks Trisha for offering me Unveiled to review! :)

5 stars 

SKID OUT (Heavy Influence novella) by Ann Marie Frohoff
Goodreads page
My review:
Okay, so. Jake and Alyssa's story is short, but a sweet one. It portraits love in a usual, but new way. It felt real. The characters, their emotions, the situations they were in. 
And I think you should give it a chance because I'm sure this was only the beginning and the trilogy will be awesome.
4.5 stars

SOPHIE & CARTER by Chelsea Fine
My review: 
"Our moment is over so I slowly release her. She moves away from me and a piece of me dies."

Oh boy *suffers from a total cuteness overload*
I got my copy of Sophie & Carter for review earlier today and started it immediately. *fast-forward a few hours* And here I am now, writing this review with a big happy smile on my face.
117 pages long, this novel had me aww-ing, smiling, feeling sad and sorry all in once.
Sophie and Carter, the two main characters and narratives, had been through hell of a life, dealing with family problems. They live next door, and they know each others' troubles more than their own. And that's what keeps them inseparable.
S&C is a cute, fast read, though I wouldn't say that it's very light, because it talks about some issues. Still, I savoured it quickly and I'm very glad I requested this novel, because it made me in love with love. :)

Definitely 5 stars and I cannot wait for the sequel!

My review:
Oh this books. You know that feeling, when you finish a book and you're literally DYING for more? Yeah? Well, that's how I felt after reading Six Moon Summer.
I loved Riley's story, it captivated me from the beginning. S. M. Reine has that something in her writing that makes you long for more. Also, the parts where she writes the transformations were just... horrifyingly brilliant.
And then I reached the end of Book 1 and I was clicking franticly for more, but there wasn't more. UNTIL, I got All Hallows Moon.
And the sequel was even more heart-breaking and gritty than the first one!
And that's why I really, really love this series. They only get better and better. *Psst, I've found out there will be more books*
5 stars

PEARL by Jo Knowles
My review:
Loved it!
This is a story about Pearl or Bean, however you want to call her, and her not-so-perfect life.
I won't get into the plot, but I will say that PEARL is really a heart-breaking story of loss, friendship, family and love. It was captivating, and I maybe kinda cried a little... not that I would admit.
Anyways, I really liked the bond between Pearl and Henry, and their ways of deeling with some serious stuff.
Definitely a novel worth reading!
5 stars

Okay, this is it for round 1! I'll be posting more soon.
And stay tuned for blog tours and giveaways very soon! :)
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