Monday, April 2, 2012

Blog Tour: Pure - Review

Hi everyone!

Today, I am participating in a blog tour for Pure, which is the second novel in the Covenant series written by the awesome Jennifer L. Armentrout.
You can see the rest of the blog schedule here:

Now, just to remind you, you can see my reviews for Daimon - a prequel novella, and Half-Blood, the first novel, here:

And now, before I start the review, I would just like to say a huuuuuuge thank you to Kate and the rest of the guys over at Spencer Hill Press for sending out an Advance Readers Copy of Pure to me. Thankyouthankyouthankyou! :)

Goodreads blurb:
There is need. And then there is Fate... 

Being destined to become some kind of supernatural electrical outlet isn't exactly awesome--especially when Alexandria's "other half" is everywhere she goes. Seth's in her training room, outside her classes, and keeps showing up in her bedroom--so not cool. Their connection does have some benefits, like staving off her nightmares of the tragic showdown with her mother, but it has no effect on what Alex feels for the forbidden, pure-blooded Aiden. Or what he will do--and sacrifice--for her. 

When daimons infiltrate the Covenants and attack students, the gods send furies--lesser gods determined to eradicate any threat to the Covenants and to the gods, and that includes the Apollyon... and Alex. And if that and hordes of aether-sucking monsters didn't blow bad enough, a mysterious threat seems willing to do anything to neutralize Seth, even if that means forcing Alex into servitude... or killing her. 

When the gods are involved, some decisions can never, ever be undone.

Personal opinion:
Oh boy! Words cannot express how much I am addicted to this series (along with anything else Jennifer writes).
As much as I liked Daimon and loved Half-Blood, Pure was even better. Sometimes novels have that second-book-syndrom or whatever it's called, when the sequel just isn't as good as the first book, but boy oh boy Pure doesn't suffer from it.
In this compelling sequel, Alex is faced with even more danger, new threats and heartbreaking loss, but still she remains brave and kick-ass, with even more snarky feedback.
She is, most definitely, one heck of a main character!

Now, there are, per usual, scenes that make you want to scream till your voice is totally gone, and scenes that will make you almost cry and scenes that you will laugh out loud, but there is something, or rather someone, else I would like to talk here.

Aiden. And Seth.

Aiden, the former love of my life. In Half-Blood I absolutely looooved him. I mean, how could you not like him?

There came Seth. He appears in Half-Blood, and isn't a minor character, but in HB he just doesn't stand out next to Aiden.
But in Pure, he's there. And he's HOT. And I really really love him.
To be clear, I didn't stop loving Aiden, but Team Seth is the team I'm currently on :)

So, to sum up. I adore this series, and it has some of the most gorgeous covers ever, and I seriously can't wait for the third novel, Deity, out later this year.

5 stars


  1. After reading the reviews i think i will also be more seth than aiden after Pure

    all the best and thanks you for your participation in this tour

  2. Man another love triangle. Ugh those are so hard for me to deal with. But I have to see what is going to happen next.

  3. I'm not usually a fan of the triangle...but in this series I am. Cannot wait for more!!!

  4. Seth is charming in Pure but I'm still Team Aiden NOW and FOREVER!

    Thanks for the review and for being part of the tour.


  5. It's hard to decide between the two guys! I want them both! :D

  6. Really great review. I am really looking forward to reading it.

  7. I'm so curios why most of you are Team Seth after this book. I don't believe that I'll switch teams but we'll see! :)
    Nice review!

  8. Thanks for the review!!!! Team Aiden (booooo Seth)
    Alyssa S.

  9. Great review. I adore Seth. Aiden is great, too, but Seth seems to get Alex's humor and fun side more than Aiden.


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