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So, finally, it's time for my stop at the tour!
Today I get to share with you a brilliant gues post from Katie M. John about a day in Sir Blake Edwin Beldevier's life.
So, without any further ado, here it is

A Life in the Day of Sir Blake E. Beldevier.

I hate mornings – always have. I sleep vey deeply and waking always feels like I’m under some form of attack.

My mornings always start early. The alarm is set for 5 o’clock. The clock is a plastic knight that blows a bugle. (Vivien, my adoptive mother brought it as a joke – I found it funny at the time, but not quite so funny at five in the morning!) It often ends up on the floor.

Breakfast is always porridge, which no amount of cream, honey or dried fruit can make attractive. I have to eat it though because training’s at six and it’s important to fuel the body. Personally, I think the three cups of black coffee do the job perfectly well.

Training is routine; one of the few things in the life of a knight that is. It starts with half an hour of tai chi and then an hour of combat practice, followed by a run. Mostly, morning training is done with just my coach or Percival. (My best mate.)

Unlike most knights, who are personally tutored at home, I attend a ‘Real World’ college. (You could say I’m sort of undercover.) Because of this, my day is structured by the college timetable. I study A-levels in English Literature, French, Sports Science and Politics.

My favourite is Sports Science. Real Worlders play this great game called football which I’ve really taken to. I tried to get my lot to play it back at Meadowlake, but they didn’t really get the whole non-contact thing. Rugby went down a lot better.

If it isn’t a college day then my day can be quite varied. I travel a lot. Mostly in Europe, to cities such as, Rome, Barcelona, Madrid, Paris – anywhere where the diplomats are stationed. Every now and then I have to go to Geneva which is where HQ is situated. Often these trips are quite intense and there isn’t much time for site-seeing. 

Other days I might be sent on quests or be given free time. I choose to spend this with Mina. Mina is my betrothed. She’s a Real Worlder (it’s a long story) and is the most beautiful soul I have ever met. It was love at first sight – or maybe fascination at first sight: she deliciously ‘un-normal’.

If lots of us boys have a free afternoon, we like to get together and tourney, which means mess about with weapons and horses. I suppose we’re all a little reluctant to grow up quite yet.

The early evening is my favourite time of the day as it belongs to me and I’m free to spend it how I please. I like to ride Lancelot over to Mina’s house and play at ‘sweeping her off her feet’ – although Mina isn’t quite so keen on the motion sickness that comes with being ‘swept’.  I like to go to the beach with her and my ideal evening is sitting by a camp-fire, looking out across the ocean as the sun sets. I know it’s a bit cliché but it’s true.

The ride over to hers is through the forest and it is one of my favourite places on Earth. In the forest time becomes insignificant – which is a good thing.

If Mina’s busy I’m kind of useless and end up moping about. I like to write or read at these times. I’m afraid I have rather a gloomy taste in literature.

Dinner at ours is always totally unpredictable. Sometimes it might just be Vivien and me, at other times a whole group of knights might rock up and require feeding – these evenings often end up in an all night party: Vivien is quite a hostess and a great cook.

Before bed, I visit the chapel to reflect and meditate upon the day and any of the decisions I have to make. The chapel is small and very old. My mother’s tomb is there. It’s nice to go to the chapel and feel close to her. Mina finds my belief in God slightly puzzling, but my faith is important to me. It’s probably the biggest difference between the two of us.

Actually scrap that, we’re different in most ways! I’m very traditional (although that might be because of the time difference) and Mina is much more open to change.

Bedtime is usually around nine – if I can sneak away from the craziness of Meadowlake. I read and listen to music before sleeping and I usually fall asleep with a book stuck to my face.

I don’t like to sleep on a bed – not since I heard of someone being stabbed through their mattress. The assassin had been hiding under the bed – so I tend to sleep on this great slouchy couch.

I’ve found it useful over the years to learn to sleep with one eye open.

What did you think of the post? I loved it!

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The last stop. *sniff*

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