Thursday, August 11, 2011

Little something Carrie Harris and I had in mind

Soo, if you by any chance don't know who Carrie Harrie is, she is the author of novel Bad Taste In Boys, and its sequel, Bad Hair Day, coming soon. You can find her on twitter:

She writes about zombies, and we talk over twitter a lot. So, yesterday we came to idea to write a song about zombies. I did my take, and here's what came out of it! :)

I'm a Zombie
*the beat starts*
*a zombie sound once in a while*
Verse 1:
Two years ago
My life changed for good
There was no escape (no escape)
No turning back
I was lost
In my regret
But they found me
Changed me
Can  you see me now?
Behind the mask?
I'm not the same
I'm not the man you used to love
Baby I'm a zombie
You can help me now
I'm forever different
I don't want you anymore
Cause I'm a zombie
Verse 2:
You said I wasn't good enough
For you
You threw it all away
Everything we had
But there is one thing
You sgould keep in mind
I always get my revenge (get my revenge)
Chorus x2
We had it all (had it all)
You threw it away (away)
They found me (fo-ound me)
Changed me
I'm not the same! (anymooore)
Chorus 3x
It's over now... you can't have me back... everything has changed.... I'm a zombie.
So, that's it! I hope you don't hate this ;)
It's only my first song so don't go hard on me :)
Read on (or sing on ;))


  1. *giggles giggles giggles* La thank you! :) I can say the same about you and your zombie ideas

  2. What is better than a song about zombies? Nothing! LOL

    Also, I’m a new follower—wonderful blog! Stop by my blog and follow me too? :)


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