Wednesday, August 10, 2011

YA Crush Tourney Finals

Okay, with less than 30 minutes till the start, I gotta write this. And I gotta write fast.

It's the ultimate fight, Zachary versus Jace.
Strong competition in here guys.
Now, I won't say which team I'm on, or how much I like these boys, I will talk about their fans.
Team Kilt, you are AMAZING. Did you see all those people, voting for Zachary and making him a finalist? I was sooo amazed. The power of people, all different people, fighting for one. Fighting for A FICTIONAL character.
I say: WOW!
It still amazes me, how much books can change lives. So, a big thank you to Jeri Smith-Ready, for creating Zach and leading this legion of loyal fans.

Now, I am both TeamJace and TeamKilt, but I will vote more for Zach. He is the underdog, but look where his fans brought him.


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