Monday, September 12, 2011

So a giveaway is coming up soon...

... and maybe you've noticed on twitter or FB I'm looking for authors who would like to donate either books, e-books or swag or gift cards or something. And I am also looking for readers and bloggers who would also like to donate anything. Of course, I will give out lots of books on my own, but I really want to do something huge and special, since I've reached those 100 followers. Now, since I'm quite busy now and still in progress of talking to authors, I think that this giveaway will actually go live next month, and will be combined with my birthday celebration, which means more prizes and awesome stuff!
I already have somewhere around 6,7 fabolous authors who are willing to help me, so thanks to them and if anyone else wants to join, you can leave a comment, tweet me or e-mail me. Also, I made a page on FB for this blog, so you can like it here and contact me through there. *smiles and bribes with cookies* Okay, I think that's all from me. Also, come back tomorrow for a premiere of Jennifer L. Armentrout's new book cover and blurb! I love how it sounds! :)

You got all the info,
Read on :)

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