Saturday, July 30, 2011

In which I ramble about reviewing books and vacations. And RAK

So, if you talk to me on twitter, you probably know that I was supposed to be out of town this week, but rain ruined it so I'll be gone next week. I'm leaving either tomorrow or on Monday, soo, I won't be updating the blog for around 4-5 days. That means, I won't be able to answer your giveaway-related questions. Sorry!

Next, today I want to talk about reviewing books.

Now, I respect other reviewers and bloggers, I really do. And I don't know how they review books, but here's my system.
To me, it's not about how many typos or plot holes the book has. To me it's how the book makes me feel. Don't get me wrong, if there's something majorly wrong with the book, I'll write it, but I don't care if I don't like the main character or whatever. I like when a book makes me jump from excitement and tension, anticipation, when it makes me cry because it's so touching, when it makes me giggle when nobody else is watching. I don't ask much from books, because that is not what books are for. They are for enjoying something, for losing yourself in another worlds.
That's all.

And, since I won't be in town, I need to wrap up July's Random Act of Kindness.

BIG THANK YOU to Bella from for sending me A Touch Mortal and Crossed. It's very much appreciated <3 :)

Leave your thoughts in comments. AND, so you don't forget, I have a giveaway of Remembrance running now :) Go and enter!

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