Saturday, July 16, 2011

Why I Read and Write

If you by any chance follow me on pretty little thing called Twitter, you know I promised you this post.

Why Do I Read and Write?

So, it all started on January 6th, 2009. That was the day I saw Twilight in cinema. (Okay, I have read Harry Potter series before that, but I don't quite count that, because I wasn't aware how good books can be)
After that, I had to read Twilight, because I loved the movie so much. And I loved the book even more. So I read all of the sequels. And that's how my obsession with books started. I had a little pause until December last year, when I didn't read much. But then, something snapped and I started reading. A LOT. I've also been writing my own books, which, at the age of 14, isn't quite... let's just say my writing can and will be a lot better with time.
I've created my own world, the one in which my biggest problem isn't school or something like that, but weather my heroines and heroes will survive a world full of paranormal mysteries.
The answer to the question it the title is this: I can be someone else. At least for 30 minutes, or 60, or 90. Now don't get me wrong, I like my life just the way it is, I do, but when I write (and usually I write in first person) I dare to do the things the real me would never dare to do. Let's say bungee jumping. Real me: not even if you give me a thousand bucks. My character: yeah, let's do it!. Now, the comparison with bungee jumping is pretty dumb, because my stories aren't about *that*. Just so we're clear.
The next reason- the guys. Oh, the guys. I mean, you won't find a Jace or Edward or Patch or anyone else in real life. (which is a pity, I must say ;))
So, yeah, that's why. Hope I didn't bore you to death with this post :)

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